Scholarship Tips

posted Feb 27, 2018, 8:17 AM by KRISTAL DAWSON

As you probably already know, based on the e-mails and Remind notices you have received, scholarship season is here! 

I wanted to share a few tips and reminders as you prepare your scholarship applications.

1.) Pay close attention to due dates. Late applications are not accepted for any reason. This includes your being absent from school on the day an application is due. It is a good idea to get a calendar to help you keep up with due dates. Do not wait until the last day to turn in your application. You never know what may happen. 

2.) Pay attention to where and how you are to turn in your completed application. Some applications are to be turned in to the guidance office and others are to be mailed. We will not accept applications that are to be mailed. We cannot mail them for you. Applications that are to be mailed have a deadline for postmark. 

3.) Your application serves as a first impression. Make sure all information is neatly written or typed. Try to avoid major wrinkles and stains. 

4.) It is not necessary to put your application in an envelope, binder or report holder. If you do, please know that it will be taken out before sent to the selection committee.  

5.) Once you have completed everything required for the application. Staple everything together with one staple in the top left hand corner. 

6.) If you are asked to write an essay, please be sure to mention the name of the scholarship in your essay. This makes it personal to the selection committee. This is especially true for memorial scholarships and families who have lost a loved one. It would mean a lot to them for you to mention their loved one in the essay.

7.) If you have any questions, check the application for a contact number. If you do not see one, stop by the guidance office. 

8.) There are several scholarships listed on our website that have online applications only. Please be sure to visit our scholarship site often.

Terri Meyers
School Counselor
Lowndes High School