LHS Wins Literary Competition

posted Mar 2, 2018, 8:38 AM by KRISTAL DAWSON
1st place literary competition winners

Reported by Mr. Clements:
When you see the following students, please congratulate them for their accomplishments at Literary.  We had an excellent showing and won Region by a landslide.  

1st Place Finishes 
Rhyonna Dewey - Humorous Interp-Drama 
Caleb Chaney & Alex Cope - Duo Performance-Drama 
Alexandria Ellis - Personal / Expository Essay 
Joyce Liu - Argumentative Essay 
Adam Orr - International Extemporaneous Speech 
Nathaniel Strickler, Joshua Bishop, Josh Dyson, & Cameron Williams - Choral / Boy's Quartet 

2nd Place Finishes 
Riley Davis - Dramatic Interpretation 
Mary Catherine Stamey - Rhetorical / Literary Response Essay 
Luke Watson - U.S. Domestic Extemporaneous Speech 
Collin Dorsett - Choral / Boy's Solo 
Autumn Wibright - Choral / Girl's Solo 
Georgia Wynn, Allexis Griffin, and Teagan Williams - Choral / Girl's Trio 

Literary Competitors
Mr. Clements receiving 1st Place Trophy