Lowndes Open Winter Guard Places at WGI World Championships

posted Apr 16, 2018, 7:20 AM by KRISTAL DAWSON
Winter Guard Team at WGI World Championship

Reported by Mr. Bowman:
The Lowndes Open Winter Guard traveled to Dayton, OH last week to compete in the Winter Guard International World Championships.  This was the first year that the group competed in the "Open" class.  When all was said and done, the students had an 11th place finish out of almost 100 groups from all over the United States.  While we are extremely proud of these students accomplishments on the floor, this does not even come close to how these young ladies represent Lowndes High School off of the floor.  They are all a true blessing to our school and community.  The always represent themselves with class.  Congratulations to their amazing coaches as well.  Kelly Ross, Andy Snow, Hannah Banbury and Travis Wingate have done an amazing job preparing these girls and setting very high expectations.  Please join me in congratulating these students if/when you see them in the hallway or in your classroom.

Also, one more thing I want to share.  We talk constantly about this band being a family.  Our bus driver, John Johnson, was faced with a 13.5 hour bus ride home yesterday from Dayton.  Obviously, we had some concerns about the length of that trip.  One of our former band dads calls me a couple of weeks ago and says he has some vacation time at work and if I needed him he would go.  So...Mr. Don O'Neil flew from Jacksonville, FL on Saturday to Dayton, had dinner, checked into the hotel and got up at 5:45am Sunday morning to help drive the girls home.  No child in the group...it was simply to help and support.  Only at Lowndes!!!!!