Students Send Supplies to Hurricane Ravaged Puerto Rico

posted Oct 30, 2017, 11:23 AM by KRISTAL DAWSON
Students with boxes packed to send to Puerto Rico

While Puerto Rico is almost 1400 miles from Valdosta, Georgia, Hurricane Irma hit close to home.  Teacher and member of the Lowndes High family Carmen Ruddle is originally from Puerto Rico and still has close relatives living there.  The area was devastated by the storm and the aftermath.  After days of watching the news and CNN student news about how little aid was being received, LHS Mock Trial asked, “What can we do?”  They obtained a list of needed supplies with the hopes of sending a few boxes of essentials. The good news began to spread and soon they had bags of supplies piled outside of their classroom door and students wanting to know how they could help.  As the news spread, even more classes wanted to be involved.  By the time packing day had arrived, Mockers were able to fill 25 boxes.  As of this week, all of the boxes have all been received in Puerto Rico.

Students packing supply boxes
Students packing boxes of supplies
Students packing boxes
Students packing boxes