Two LHS Teachers Awarded Colquitt EMC Grant

posted Sep 25, 2017, 6:37 AM by LAVERNE HILL
Congratulations to math teachers Nora Eakin and Carole Rozier for being the recipients of a Colquitt EMC grant. Each grant totaled $1000. One grant was titled "My Students Are Moving to the Nth Degree". The award money will go toward the purchase of alternate seating such as yoga balls, swivel chairs, stools, bouncy bands and wobble cushions. The other grant was titled "You Can't Escape Math". Award money for this grant will go toward the purchase of BreakoutEDU boxes where students must solve mathematical problems in order to successfully open the puzzle box. The puzzle boxes require critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication among the students in the group to successfully achieve the task of opening the box.