Vikette Softball Wins Region

posted Oct 11, 2017, 10:49 AM by
Reported by Coach Thomas:
We had a hectic 2 days in Camden and I believe a fall break could not come at a better time for all parties involved. But it was successful none the less. The girls went 3-0 and were able to bring back home a region title (2 in a row and 3 total for our Seniors).

Westlake out of Atlanta will come down starting tomorrow for the 1st round of the playoffs. We will start the DH at 3:30. 

The girls are 25-4 on the year and finished the region schedule at 9-0.

Here are the lines from the Region Tournament

Camden 1R     4H      4E
LHS 13R     9H        2E

Colquitt 2R       3H      2E
LHS 7R       8H       0E

Camden 0 1 2 Region Championship
LHS 8  10  2

Totals for Individuals
GAME 1 LHS vs Camden

Jacie Johns 2-3 2B 3RBI
Kayden Dickey 1-3
Rylin Hedgecock 1-3 1RBI
Madison May 1-3 1RBI
Elie Merritt 2-2 3RBI
Sophie Sumner 1-3 2B
Tori Hedgecock 1-3 2B

Rachel Wolverton
4IP 4H 1R 0ER 3K 0BB

GAME 2 LHS vs Colquitt
Jacie Johns 2-4 1RBI
Tori Hedgecock 1-4 1RBI
Haley Griffin 1-3 1RBI
Elie Merritt 1-3 1RBI
Rachel Wolverton 1-2 1RBI

Rylin Hedgecock
7IP 3H 2ER 12K 2BB

GAME 3 vs Camden Region Championship
Sophie Sumner 2-4
Rachel Wolverton 2-3 2RBI HR
Tori Hedgecock 2-3
Madison May 2-3 2RBI

Rylin Hedgecock
6IP 1H 0R 13K 3BB