Teacher Website Requirements

All teachers must have a main website that will be used for communicating with students/parents. You will create your own website using Google Sites. Training for Google Sites and getting your website up and running will take place within the first couple of weeks of school. However, you are welcome to start on your own. Ask your mentor or or media specialists for help if you need to. Click here for Google Sites help in the Google Help Center. Once your website is created, please share the link with your Department chair or whoever is in charge of your department webpage.

Requirements for your website are as follows:
1) Your bio ( 3-4 sentences is fine); include a picture (a single picture is fine or you may also choose to use a picture of you in a small group from your class with students).
2) Your Department
3) Your tutoring times
2) Your contact information (how will parents need to contact you)
3) How you will be communicating with students (i.e. Remind, teacher website, Google Classroom, Edmodo, etc.). You can embed your Google Classroom calendar into your website to keep parents informed of class assignments, etc.
4) Your course information (syllabus, assignments and due dates, etc.)

To see examples of websites in your department, go to the LHS website, and click on the name of your department. Then click on individual teacher websites to get an idea of how your cohorts are using their websites. Again, if you have questions, ask your mentor, a cohort, or one of the media specialists.